About Phobias

What Are Phobias?

All Phobias are simply an intense fear of certian things. That fear can manifest itself in the form of situations, animals, people and even activities.

A lot of people are afraid of something but do not necessarily have a phobia of it. Only when that fear is beyond someone's control is it known as a phobia. If the phobia starts to interfer with someone's life then it become an anxiety disorder.

What Causes Phobias

There are a lot of theories about the causes of phobias. One theory is that they are caused by observation of a parent or sibling's reaction to something, this is usually found when growing up in children, when they are most impressionable.

Another theory of how phobias are caused, which is very popular, is that phobias originate from a single bad (even horrific) experience. As an extreme example, a young child may have been bitten by a dog when they were younger, and from that point on had a phobia about dogs - cynophobia.